Our sales account managers possess extensive experience in the natural health and healthcare industries.
    HaliKali's Team includes a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Neuroflex Balancing Activation (NBA) Therapist, Clinical Herbalist; Certified Nutritionist Practitioner, Registered Homeopath, and a Reiki and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor.
    Our team is available to arrange social events, store trainings and many other hands-on services.


    HaliKali's labeling & packaging service is proper and accurate.
    We adhere to the guidelines set by the different regulatory bodies and authorities for proper labeling and packaging.

    Custom Private Label Manufacturing

    HaliKali is your best choice for full-service, custom private label & packaging manufacturing for your brand.
    We communicate directly with you to ensure your products are being labeled properly for your target demographic as well as label claim compliance.
    Whether you are a farmer, or an established supplements company, we are ready to fulfill all your private label needs.

    Brilliant Label & Packaging Design

    Think about the last time you looked a food product label:
    Was the packaging attractive?
    Did you have to hunt for information?
    Were you excited about the product?
    Did you feel informed about the ingredients?
    HaliKali is interested in brilliant packaging design, in order to deliver aesthetics, information, safety, and satisfaction.
    Our talented artists will work with you to prepare the perfect label and packaging, all while staying within compliance guidelines.


    HaliKali supports teleconference training prior to product launches with suppliers and beneficiaries.
    Monthly training sessions are conducted with our partners (suppliers and beneficiaries) via Zoom online video conferencing.


    Retail division:

    Canadian Health Food Association, CHFA - West, East and Quebec

    Retail Consumer division:

    Total Health Annual Convention and Exhibition – Toronto
    CanFitPro Show – Toronto
    The Yoga Conference and Show – Toronto
    Whole Life Expo – Toronto
    Yoga & Wellness Show – Toronto
    National Women's Show – Toronto

    Professional division:

    Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference – Toronto
    Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors – Toronto
    Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine Supplier Show – Toronto


    HaliKali continuously develops and maintains an extensive and interactive social media presence, and offers social media support to our featured suppliers.

why consult us?

Five Reasons to partner with us:

HaliKali is a specialty and fine food distributor to retailers across Canada.